Electromechanical / NC Controlled Four Roll Planetary Axis

Working Principle

Section placed on a rolling dies

Bottom roll moves up for clamping

Side roll moves up for pre bending

Further position achieved for final dimensions

Pusher used for coiling

Rolling complete

Final Job


Electromechanical / NC Controlled Four Roll Planetary Axis - Section Bending Machine

The pre bending / edge bending and rolling can be performed in the same machine.

Advantages :
  • The machine can be operated remotely from all around.
  • Specially developed hydraulic circuit requiring minimum maintenance.
  • Since all roll movement and roll rotation is through completely numerically controlled hence skilled manpower is not required.
  • Specially developed hydraulic circuit to achieve side roll positional accuracy within +-0.2 mm (Applicable for NC model).

Special Features

The machine frame is built from all tested steel plate material. This frame is subjected to stress releaving, sand blasting and epoxy primer painted for corrosion free long lasting machine life. The complete body is machined in cnc machine to achieve built in accuracy.

The side roll up-down position is indicated by digital meter / HMI provided on control desk.

In this type of model, all hydrualic actuators movement are through direction control solinoid valves.

All our machine rolls are mounted in heavy duty roller bearings. Each roller is fitted with two bearing per side (four bearing per roller).

The pusher roller assembly can be given as a option for coil forming application.

An optional feeder table can facilitate loading and machine operation by a single person only.

Standard Featues
  • Both the bottom rolls are driven rolls
  • All rolls are manufactured in alloy steel material duly hardened.
  • Separate digital roll position meter for each side of roll makes it easy to maintain precise distance between top and side rolls.
Optional Featues
  • 3/4 rolls positively driven for thin section rolling.
  • Central support for large diameter section rolling.
  • Feeder table.
  • Section rolling dies sets as per profile.